WWDC 21 day 1

As always, I come fully prepared to be amazed &  does this every-time they blow my mind. Of course I’m well aware that  continues to be the greatest - we don’t have to get into that right now - but a company that is the largest in the world is offering a simpler, cleaner, life-balanced focus product. Of course we immediately can bash the iPhone & get into a war of the droids… but why? The weak link always attack low, meaning they don’t have valid factual reasons to be upset other than the fact they’ve given into a product that is sub par by not choosing . So, now they must rise against. Last year  release iOS Shortcuts to the public which many are still scratching their head about what to do with it. I try to make it as dumb as possible even though it is the smartest tech out there in mobile technology. If you’re still wondering what to do with Shortcuts, here’s a little direction. What are tasks you do everyday? Wake up, groom, get ready, message work, power computer, check emails, text sally your coffee of the day, follow up with to do tasks, check more emails, make some phone calls, compose some documents - spreadsheets - media - reports - 😒 - order the same lunch you had last week, repeat, repeat, repeat the rest of the day. Then you might text the wife on the way home, find out what pizza you’re getting tonight, check the score boards in your car play, get a traffic update for best route, maybe call your parents while on your last leg of your commute home. When you get home, open gate - garage - parking garage - checking status of your pizza delivery, seeing if you got a package delivered, maybe a quick reference to the calendar for tomorrow so you have a mental note when to get ready in the morning. The weather forecast. You walk in the door, kids, wife, football, dinner, martini… sleep… repeat…. How did I do? What are tasks you hate doing? What are user driven activities you do on your devices that you could do without? Ok, I agree I might have gone a little overboard, but you truly have to look that deep to find the tiny little pesky task that will change the rest of your life. I promise if you try this exercise I just did above; you will find at least 3 time wasters you can probably figure out yourself how to automate & never do again. So, Shortcuts… basically finds ways to make your life easier. What did Apple do this year? They found a way to all connect. The beauty of this next update is that no only does it build directly on the foundation they set last year, it exponentially enhances to new levels. I imagine an iPhone m1 is in the works, but I won’t bet on that purely for the reason that it would be insane but  does what seems to be the odd decisions at time & eventually makes full circle just like iOS 15. You didn’t decide to read this today for my chatter. So here are my highlights of what’s coming this year. True & safe connections is the theme for sure. FaceTime basically just everywhere you can think of. That’s great for community, collaborating, productivity & a lot of fun. Secure data with iCloud+ for easy data sharing. On device Siri - HUGE ask Siri anything anytime, it’s secure & always on even in low service areas. Photo collections in the app, in messages, in memories… LIVE TEXT - probably my favorite so far… capture, translate, post, share, copy/paste, save… from page, live feed, or camera… pretty much anything text - you get to manipulate that text how you need or want. Keys, Keys, Keys & more keys… if you thought cool tech couldn’t get any more cool - well how about hotel keys, work keys, building keys, garage keys - friend’s keys… all the keys. WALLET ID - I called this so long ago. Tabs & more tabs mean more collaboration, bundle that with facetimes’ everywhere, & continuity across devices… you get a mean team machine. Maps - gives you all the details & then some. Notifications - we knew that needed an update. So glad they did. Although the theme is continuity & connection -  released focus. It’s an enhanced do not disturb focused on promoting positive life habits. Can you love this company any more? Bye Bye Bye zoom shearable FaceTime with a link to your appointments… WHAT¡¡¡¡¡¡ Alex G. @sweetcuts

Bye Bye Bye zoom shearable FaceTime with a link to your appointments… WHAT¡¡¡¡¡¡