Assistive touch settings

Create a magic button that allows you to access your custom set applications & shortcuts from any screen without leaving your current view.

Update Shortcut Setting

Each shortcuts may have independent settings to run the command in a specific way or mode or preference.

Run shortcuts from the Home Screen

You can add shortcuts to the Home Screen, and optionally group them into folders.

Use Siri to run shortcuts with your voice

You can ask Siri to run any shortcut in your collection. Siri can launch shortcuts from your iOS or iPadOS device, as well as from HomePod or Apple Watch.

Run a shortcut from the Shortcuts app

When you open Shortcuts, your shortcuts collection appears, listing all the shortcuts you’ve created or added from the Gallery. You can run any of these shortcuts.

Discover shortcuts in the Gallery

If you’re looking for new shortcuts to add to your collection, or if you want to see what’s possible and how particular shortcuts are built, check out the Gallery.

Enable shared shortcuts

You can add shortcuts from sources outside the Gallery—from friends, personal backups, websites, and more.

Where are shortcuts stored?

Shortcuts you create or select from the Gallery are stored in the My Shortcuts screen of the app.

What’s a shortcut?

A shortcut provides a quick way to get things done with your apps, with just a tap or by asking Siri.

The Shortcuts app

In addition to running the simple shortcuts suggested by Siri, you can use the Shortcuts app to add ready-made or custom shortcuts to your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch.


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